Custom pocket knives

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Handmade custom slipjoint pocket knives

I now make slipjoint pocket knives from scratch. I am slowly developing a line of models. In addition to my standard models I will make one offs of odd design that is too difficult or tedious to make on a regular basis so keep an eye on the forums andmy online store (link on homepage)

3 3/8" Jack

This model is available in saber or flat blades clip, shepsfoot, wharnecliffe or spear point, long Pull Only. Can also be made with secondary blades in pen or small clip and in either headed or bareheaded frames with filework on liners and/or spring available. Startng Prices: 1 blade $225 ,2 blade $300

7" Shellpuller Lockback

This is a 7" open lockback jack knife with shot shell extractor bolsters. Available with any handle material, brass or NS bolsters, headed or bareheaded, short, long or no pull, bail or no bail. Variety of blade shapes available Starting price $450

3 1/2" Teardrop EO Jack

This knife is available with all the same features as the 3 3/8" jack. I can do no pull, short pull, long pull, flat or sabre grind in a variety of blade styles and secondary blade styles. These can also be made without the EO notch. Starting price:  blade $250 / 2 blade $325

8" Shellpuller Lockback

This is a contoured 8" version of the above knife, available with all the options as the 7" version. Starting price $475

Crown Slipjoint Folder

These vary in size and specifications. They are basically built between customer specs and what the particular piece of crown stag will allow. The knife is built around the piece of antler. Instead of the antler being cut to fit the knife, the knife is cut to fit the antler. Liners and backspring ar countroured to match the contours and texture of the handle and blade is made accordingly.  Prices start at $375