Muskrat Man Tools

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Tools Catalog

These are tools and tool services that I offer. Custom inquiries encouraged! Any questions feel free to email me at

Hatchet to Bag Axe Conversion

This service requires you to supply a framing hatchet of the correct poll style to have to recut into a fine little bag axe/small hatchet. Great for worn or edge damaged hatchets. Take note of the required hammer style in order to correctly achieve the conversion. As low as $55


The Bug.Out.Survival.Striker is a traditional flint and steel kit shrunken down to fit every day needs for the minimalist. It contains a handforged tool steel striker, flint and char all of which fits into a small hinged lid tin. This tin only weighs approx 1.5 oz and is basically dimensionally identical to a standard Zippo lighter. This allows you to carry a traditional fire lighting kit anytime anywhere as convenient as a Zippo! $25

Machete/ Corn Knife rebuilds

Rebuilds for large chopping tools, traditional replacement or full modernized custom ergonomic user friendly handles. Includes rehandle, blade cleaning and sharpening. Starting at $90

Standard Blanket pin brooch

Standard heavy duty forged blanket pin made of solid blued carbon steel. approx 2 1/4" diameter $12 each

Axe / Hatchet handle hanging

Profesional axe and hatchet rehandling, using grade 1 hickory handles, dual wedged, sanded smooth and finished with boiled linseed oil. As low as $48

Mountain man multi tool

Muskrat Man hand forged carbon steel Mountain man multi tool. Approx 2" diameter.  Solidcarbon tool steel construction. This all in one tool is a fire striker steel, a screw driver for servicing your front stuffer in the field, a blanket pin / brooch, as well as a sewing awl. High carbon tool steel body is differentially heat treated to throw good sparks as a fire steel, screw driver is a shade softer so it will not snap, and the pin is spring tempered so it will neither bend nor break when used as a sewing awl. $35