Military Knife Restorations

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Some Examples of my restorations

Restorations to vintage military knives can be done on varying levels, anything from simply reconditioning the leather washer handle that has dired out or going all the way to restore a factory finish to the blade and other metal parts and completely replacing the handle with a new unit of stacked leather washers and proper fiber spacers.

Cattaraugus 225Q Quartermasters Knife WWII

This blade was lightly rusted/pitted, the guard, handle and pommel were all loose and the handle was VERY beat up. I installed a new handle of leather washers, replaced the cracked black fiber spacers with new pieces and completely refinished the blade to a factory spec "bright" finish.

Robeson ShurEdge 6" Combat Knife

This Robeson Shuredge WWII era 6" bladed combat knife was missing the guard and the entire handle. I replaced the handle and guard and lightly polished the blade as the pitting was too deep to restore this knife to it's factory "bright" finish